About Us

Toys.co.nz stands out as an independently owned and operated toy store with 100% local ownership. All aspects of our operations, including warehousing, picking, packing, and customer service, are carried out in New Zealand.

The majority of our products are sourced from local wholesalers in New Zealand, with a small portion imported from across the ditch. Our product selection is carefully curated with a focus on quality. While you may find similar non-branded items at other retailers, we confidently stand behind everything we sell, ensuring that it meets top-of-the-line standards.

Founded on the principle of offering 24/7 accessibility to the best prices, Toys.co.nz adopts a unique approach. Unlike some companies that inflate prices only to later discount them, we maintain a transparent Every Day Low price model. This means you don't have to wait for a sale; you can purchase what you need when you need it. Our minimal advertising and streamlined operations translate to lower overheads, guaranteeing you the best possible prices on our products.